The End is in Sight!

Internship projects completed…
Classwork being finalized…

One month left and then I graduate… again. It is for the advancement of my career and personal growth.

It is such a great feeling of accomplishment when getting this far. I’m excited to be able to be a role model for my children as well. They will be able to see their mother receiving an additional diploma for higher education. I want to show them that nothing should get in the way of their dreams.

I’m just finishing up the work for a class I’m working on testing out of. I had taken a class that would have been the equivalent about 10 years ago, but since that technology has been outdated, I needed to show my knowledge and skills with this new technology. It was been moving along quite smoothly with just a few small bumps in the road. Nothing that I can’t handle.

I am also working getting the last project I’ve been working on handed off. It is for the Corrections Science Club of Moraine Park Technical College. I am pull all the training materials together as well as the production guide for the web site design. Hopefully I can train within the next couple weeks.

Corrections Science Club of Moraine Park Technical College web site

Corrections Science Club web site

Also on my plate to finish is the classroom work for the actual internship class. That is also going smoothly – just seem to be procrastinating and focused on the other task at hand. It is just a matter of pulling all my ideas together and putting it on my site. It should be finished within the weekend.

I have also been maintaining Laura’s Smile Foundation web site with updated sponsors for the upcoming event and assisting with getting the sponsor logos to the respective people for printing T-shirts and goodie bags. I will also be assisting with the event as the event gets closer. I am excited to see the turn out to the event.

I try to touch base with my internship clients to make sure the site is continuing to work well for them.  The sites are getting great responses, which makes me feel like it was a job well done. They have also agreed to write testimonials for me to display on my web site. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from them.

I can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone. I have been able to build more connections this year than I could’ve have imagined. Now it is a matter of staying contact because you never know what might might be headed your way – new clients referred, new business ventures developed, or even just new friendships.


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