Countdown to Graduation

The Finishing Touches

After a couple weeks of work, I finished the prior learning exam for a web course credit demonstrating ASP.NET and Expressions Web. I’m glad I made the extra effort because I gained a little more experience through this venture. While I was required to do certain tasks, I took the initiative to take things a step farther by implementing behaviors that would have been quite simple on an XHTML page into ASPX pages (ie image swap). That’s just who I am. After documenting my work and reflecting back on my positive experience, it is still a wave of relief seeing the instructor’s approval of the work done. Yea! One more step closer to graduation. It just has to go through the proper channels now to get the actual credit.

I’m getting excited as the end draws near. I know I’ve already been through two graduations (high school and Associate Degree in Graphics), but this one has a little more influence. I am not a student fresh out of high school, but rather a 12 year veteran in the work force. I have a family and work full time. I did the secondary education in my spare time in order to make my skills more competitive in the design industry.

There were some trying times, but I strived to do my best in all my aspects of life. It was quite the balancing act. In the end it has all paid off. I will be working across that stage with my family watching and with high honors.

I am truly grateful for my teachers, family and friends with their understanding and support as well as the clients for giving me  valuable experience.

Thank You!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that doing extra effort to exceed the expectation is a good attitude. After graduation, I hope you’ll find the right career for you.